Legal Case Coordinators aren't lawyers, but as independent service providers, our team's workflow practices are tailored to meet the legal field's specific needs and requirements. Legal Case Coordinators provide services as needed: case and matter management, litigation support, research, communication and collaboration.
  • Provides international and communication services to the plaintiff litigation sector.
  • Providing for client communication needs, liaising between local to national to international.
  • Providing investigation within the public domain, and securing technical experts to offer specialist advice behind the scenes to local teams.
  • Providing assistance to lawyers in client development, accurate damage quantification and qualification.
  • Providing quality service in an effort to save your legal department time for more important matters.
Wrongful death cases, especially those cases outside of the United States, require copious documentation concerning a decedent and survivors. At times, the paperwork takes a great deal of digging. What we do is assist the family in collecting items for the attorney so that their case can move on.
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George Hatcher
The circumstances that cause lawsuits are troublesome, and happen to families when they are still reeling with emotion.

During litigation may be the worst possible time for clients to be faced with dealing with lawyers, and learning about how the legal system works. We can help; we liaise between lawyers and families and help smooth the process. From personal experience, I know that when tragedies come, coping is not easy. I believe that when we lose a loved one, through a terrible tragedy or by any cause at all, our loved one would want us to continue living to the fullest. I’m certain that my grandson, whom we lost many years ago at age 15 in a motorcycle accident, wanted this for my daughter (his mother) and for the rest of the family. We never stop missing our loved ones, but we manage to carry on, because they live on, still in our lives, still in our hearts.

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